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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the power of prayer meets the power of the chain saw. >> florida is cleaning up after irma look at pays taking a chain saw to fallen trees, i love it. >> here is risk & reward. >> the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan. the wealthy will be pretty much where they are. pretty much where they are. we can do that, we would like it if they have to go higher they will go higher frankly. >> liz: president trump draining the swamp by now working with the swamp. nasa adjusting the upper bracket s may face higher taxes, just as democrats demanded. the president hosting a dinner tonight with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi before he goes to florida tomorrow to survey irma devastation but according to democrats is the president alienating his base tax hikes or will the media get it all wrong? did the president tell you all along he's not pro-rich, he's
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pro main street and going to keep those tax hikes or rather the taxes in place for the upper brackets? this is risk & reward i'm elizabeth macdonald. former governor of arkansas mike huckabee joins us now. >> great to be with you liz. >> liz: i'm so glad to sort this out. the president is trying to govern from the middle for main street with this broad based go a recognition bipartisanship. the question is how do you get 4 % growth when you're taking more money from the upper brackets including small businesses? whose going to ask the states that question right? >> governor: yeah, i don't think that there's going to be any advantage in saying we're going to go after the people at the top of the brackets and make them pay more taxes. they're already paying more. now what he needs to do is to focus on middle class, focus on the corporate tax rate, get it down to 15. i hope he's un^ compromising about that. i know that there are some that say oh, it's 25. no get it to 15. you'll see an explosion of economic growth. you'll bring a lot of capital to the u.s. that's parked offshore and overseas, as people are
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hiding and when i say hiding i don't mean illegally. i mean legally putting their assets overseas because we have the worst tax rate for business on the planet, so growth is the only way we get out of debt and pay for the things we are obligated for like the military and social security and medicare and frankly, i know that it sounds politically popular to say the rich people, they're going to pay more but that's nonsense because it doesn't help the economy and in fact it ultimately might hurt the economy. >> liz: i hear what you're saying. the corporate tax rate coming down we get that. we understand that if the business is here, say it's 15% they will say oh, we'll invest more and create jobs. you've seen the numbers the top 20% pays more than 80% of all federal tax revenues that's the facts, but you know the media will spin it like he's throwing his base under the bus when all along he's saying do you know what? i may want to hit lower
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thresholds of income with higher rates. he campaigned on that, right? >> governor: i don't think that's where he's headed. i think the overall approach that he had during the campaign was lower everybody's tax rates, and that frankly is what i hope he still does. now, is he going to do maybe a plan that will help the people in the middle more? that's fine. i've got no problem with that and frankly even if he were to leave the tax rates alone for the people at the top i doubt anyone's lifestyle at the top is going to be somehow affected negatively. i just think that it doesn't send a right signal to say we're going to go after the people at the top because they're already paying so much more, not just in terms of dollars but way more in the percentage than everybody else in the tax system. >> liz: governor, you know, the small business guy and gal out there in the trump base, what are they going to think when they see this story coming out tomorrow? >> governor: well, if they're running their businesses as an individual they will say that
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doesn't help me a bit, because a lot of individuals, you know, they are small business operator s. they're paying the top rate. they need a break because they can't hire anybody. they can't increase inventory, unless they get some of the government cost off their backs. many of them have a corporation that they're running through and if they are then that's all the better and all the more reason to lower the corporate tax rate. >> liz: that's how the president wants to help the small businesses at the corporate rate we get that. >> governor: absolutely. >> liz: former treasury secretary spoke with liz clayman earlier. i'd like your reaction to the sound bite. let's take a listen. >> to me there are four principles that ought to govern how tax reform is done. the system has to be at least as progressive when we're done as it is when we start. hopeful hopefully more progressive. secondly it has to be paid for with revenue. third, the scoring has to be honest because otherwise we're still going to not really be paying for it and it will blow a
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hole in the deficit and fourth we ought not to open new loopholes. >> liz: this is real it nutty. the oecd in europe says we have one of the most progressive systems in the world already, what is he talking about? >> governor: well, i think that it's nonsense. i think the whole idea of a progressive tax rate is counterintuitive and counter productive to building a stronger economy. what you want to do is to lower the rates for everyone and a progressive tax rate it's punishing people for their productivity. think about this. what do you need to make a strong economy? you need people to work, you need them to save, you need them to invest and set aside for tough times. when you punish people for doing the very things that make for a strong economy, let's face it it doesn't matter whether you're training a dog, raising a child, or growing an economy. punish behavior, you get less of it. reward behavior, you get more of it. >> liz: you look at history the democrats have never behaved like this. jfk i will say it again until i drop dead wanted 5% growth. do you know how he wanted to do that governor?
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you talked about it cut tax rates because under eisenhower tax rates were so high, there were economic recessions every other year. tax cuts are actually a defense against recessions, go ahead final point. >> governor: well, i just think that you know in a perfect world , we would have a flat rate i would love to see the flat rate on consumption, not even on income and productivity because i still say when you punish the best parts of an economy which is productivity you're actually hurting the ability to grow. >> liz: i always love how the former soviet satellite states went to a flat tax but we have to get to senator bernie sanders so here we have the president trying to build a broad based bipartisan coalition. bernie sanders pulling the democrats to the hard left with a single payer governor healthcare plan so this governor mike huckabee is going to be and the viewers the test to be a democrat presidential candidate. we've got a third of senate democrats jumping on this
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bandwagon. this just a day after the u.s. federal debt passed 20 trillion for the first time ever. watch this bernie's single payer what about double that debt? one estimate said it would cost the government an additional 32 trillion over 10 years that comes to the liberal urban institute. some are even higher but bernie is saying do you know what? don't worry. >> senator: depending on your income your taxes may go up to pay for this publicly funded program, that expense will be more than offset by the money you are saving by the elimination of private insurance costs. >> liz: now, viewers make note of this. bernie sanders never in this plan no democrat is talking about the cost. we're giving you that information, but it looks like obamacare really was all along a step toward single payer government basically healthcare, because remember many democrats, they fought republican attempts to repeal and replace obamacare. this will cost american lives, if it ever becomes law.
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this will mean death, pain, and suffering to people's families. >> it's really a stupid bill. it's a bill of de construction of government. >> from the beginning, trump car was a moral monstrocity that will defer as tate children, seniors and hard working americans. >> this crushing age tax will fall on some of the most vulnerable members of our society. >> tens of millions of americans who are living with pre-existing conditions will be screwed. >> instead of this cruel bill, let's come together to improve healthcare, not take health insurance away from millions, just to give tax credits to the wealthiest. we're better than that. >> let's put this bill in the coffin and kill that bill. thank you. >> liz: let's take a quick check of healthcare stocks, looking at united, cigna ending the day in the green, aetna, humana closing in the red. governor, okay single payer almost bankrupted bernie's home state of vermont and california and colorado rejected it, right?
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>> governor: well they did it because it would cost more just for this one program, then their entire state budget of everything. that's why it just doesn't work. people who are proposing this know as little about healthcare as they do about insurance, they don't know much about either one you can not make this work under the way that they're proposing it because you're basically saying we're going to just cover everybody for everything. we're going to do it for free and you don't have to pay in as much as you get out. that's a recipe for disaster and i hope the democrats run on this because if this is, if they're serious about this being the proposal to america we don't have to worry about losing the house, the senate or the white house for many years to come. >> liz: it's interesting you said that because congress, they get government healthcare coverage right? i don't think congress knows what it takes to pay a healthcare bill. they're not in obamacare and what do you make of this that the democrats attacked trump or no specifics on the tax plan? that plan will come out in about a week and a half but bernie
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sanders, that single payer plan, governor, no specifics on how much it will slam u.s. taxpayers >> governor: well, no one ever said that the democrats are willing to play to the same rules they're asking everybody else to play by. i mean look at hillary and even the things that are never going to get found out about her, but i do think that when it comes down to the economics, the democrats are playing with fire, and a lot of people have already seen that obamacare is failing them. it's costing them two, three, four times as much as their previous health insurance was. if that's their proposal, to continue doing what has failed miserably, boy oh, boy, have they got a message issue going forward. >> liz: governor jerry brown would agree with you governor huckabee and jerry brown said a single payer would bankrupt it. it's unworkable, jerry brown said that. this is medicare for all and even medicare is what 36 trillion in un^ funded liabilities, fraud and abuse of
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va. we see single payer not really working there and you know, this interesting stat. you've said this too, if you tax 100% of the top 1%, it only pays for like two or four months annually of government spending, right? >> governor: that's exactly right. so this idea that would soak the rich people you could take everybody from warren buffet and bill gates and tim cook and all of the billionaires and just take every dime they have and you would not make one dent. ultimately healthcare has to include where the person who receives the benefit has a direct stake in making sure there are savings. if you give people the ability to take things out of the system and they have no concept what it's costing and frankly they don't care, because they're not involved in the transaction, it will never be anything but a dismal failure. that's the heart of what's wrong with the healthcare payout system. the person receiving the benefit s is not the person who
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has any role in actually helping to control the cost and if you don't do that, it's a disaster. >> liz: guess who said it will the numbers don't add up. hillary clinton said single pay er health numbers don't add up. thank you governor. i know you love that. >> governor: thank you. >> liz: look at this story prosecutors now insist, the poster boy for high drug prices, that he's got to be put in jail and his bail should be revoked. why? because of his escalating pattern of public threats, so now listen to this, martin shkreli recently offered readers of his facebook page $5,000 a piece if they grabbed samples of hillary clinton's hair from her and gave the hair to him. now, develop it is now saying he's claiming he's sorry and it was a joke but the secret service investigated martin shkreli and has expanded protection for hillary clinton. he is free on $5 million bond while awaiting sentencing for fraud conviction. coming up we have a small
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business owner who tipped off the cops after a guy was on the run from the law and came in for a job interview. we've got that small business owner that will tell this story what a dangerous one he has to tell. also this story for you msnbc's joy reeve saying in an interview that "now is the worst time to be a human because of president trump." coming up, we have a historian, he says he must have forgotten all sorts of things in history like bad things like slavery, natzis countless other things, black deaths but first a push to get deals done in congress continues. house speaker paul ryan is meeting an capitol hill with nancy pelosi over young illegals facing deportation this after nancy pelosi equated this problem with young illegals to japanese camps. we'll play that sound after this
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i think people should rest easy and i think the president made the right call and the president also gave us the time and space we're going to need to find where that compromise is. as i mentioned in my opening remarks, this is a home that people know and they don't know any other country as a home and so i think there's a serious humane issue here that needs to be dealt with, but it's only fitting and reasonable that we also deal with the root cause of this problem because what we don't want to have happen is another daca problem in 10 years from now. >> liz: the push to get deals done in congress continues, house speaker paul ryan meeting now on capitol hill with house minority leader nancy pelosi another democrats to discuss the fix for obama's executive order halting deportations for illegal immigrants brought here as children. this as nancy pelosi equated this dreamer issue to japanese inturnment camp. let's listen to the logic here.
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>> it's an honor to be here with the dreamers. it's about the in tournament of the japanese americans patriots in our country who were inturned into camps during world war ii. while their family members were fighting for freedom for america and for the world in world war ii, they were in camp and they came for me and now, they're coming for the dreamers. >> liz: let's take this to the political power panel, janelle coldwell a contributor and democrat strategist join me now good to see you. >> good to see you. >> liz: do you see any dreamer being put in an inturnment camp. >> honestly 62% of those put in inturnment camps were actually americans so i'm certain that this is garbage being sued by the democratic party once again, no message, and not even extending the hand of friendship to those who actually want to get something
5:19 pm
done. president trump did the right thing by handing this off to congress allowing them to do their job which immigration policy is something in which congress must do and we see that paul ryan has extended his and says look we understand a lot of folks this is the only country they know. we are a country of law and order but us as congress we'll look for it to bring about a policy solution that is going to be equitable for all parties involved. >> liz: everybody knows the camp s are hid eus and the dream er program is a tough one we get it it's a tough issue to deport 700,000, 800,000 illegals but obama himself admitted this went beyond constitutional power s and so does senator dianne feinstein and the issue is according to laws dating back to the 60s if an illegal comes in here it can bring his entire family here and that's pushing it and breaking the law, right? >> well yeah, there's a couple things to un^ pack here. i think pelosi was using a metaphor. >> liz: was it the right one?
5:20 pm
it was brutal and powerful. i think you have to be really careful. >> liz: how do you think people that were japanese put in those camps feel about that? not good. i will say there are places on the border where women and children are housed in pretty terrible places. >> liz: understood that's an issue. that's an important point you just brought up and we need more media coverage of that. we understand it, but you know, let's look at hillary clinton promoting his 2016 campaign saying illegal immigrant children, they got to go. listen. >> they should be sent back now. >> well they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are because there are concerns about whether all of them can be sent back but i think all of them who can be should be reunited with their families and just as vice president biden is arguing today in central america, we've got to do more. i started this when i was secretary, to deal with the violence in this region, to deal with border security, but we have to send a clear message
5:21 pm
just because your child gets across-the-boarder that doesn't mean the child gets to stay. >> liz: well hillary clinton said they got to go. what do you think? >> i mean, at that point i guess it was common sense of the day, obviously things have changed for the democratic party and herself. we've got to really look at this issue with two set of eyes. one that's a logical perspective and we also have to have a role of compassion. there's obviously a lot of people that have been impacted by this issue. the canon has been kicked down the road for under many administrations both democrat and republican and now is the time to fix this issue. i think there's no time for democrats like nancy pelosi and others to try to throw republicans under the bus when there's republicans actually looking to get this done. >> liz: that's the issue. here is the thing daniel. president obama kicked the canon this purposely for a year. this was in his inbox for eight years. he purposely undercut it and then went around the law and did an executive action putting in
5:22 pm
place the dreamer program. listen, we're a generous nation, we want to help immigrants but we want them to come here legal ly and we understand this is a problem now and we're trying to be generous again dealing with it but i'll tell you this is a problem of the democrats. they sat on this for eight years >> well he didn't because what happened was congress could not get this passed so he put daca in place. >> but he can't do that. >> please let me finish. >> liz: go ahead. >> clinton actually is not inconsistent. she was talking about a huge influx of children over the border in 2014 who were escaping violence. she said they all have to go. >> she wanted them for not to be captured by coyotes and have them kidnapped. >> liz: that's what happens though right? >> i've had clients who have been through this. >> liz: it's a terrible situation. the democrats sat on it and did nothing. final word? >> it's time to act, and for those who wish to criticize the republican party for doing the right thing you should think again because there is a lot of folks voters that are watching
5:23 pm
this issue and a lot of people being impacted by this. >> liz: thank you so much really appreciate it. now look at this story. google now cracking down on all freeloading internet surfers, who read stories for free. now google used to let internet surfers read newspapers and magazine websites for free through back door. basically they let you read it for a few times. it basically was going on for some time now but now google is saying do you know what? you'll have to pay up to read your favorite news newspapers and magazines if those outlets have subscriptions google closing the day in the green. look at this story we're getting word now, eight nursing home residents died in hollywood, florida outside fort lauderdale after a prolonged power outage in 90-degree heat. a criminal investigation has been opened upcoming up we have dr. mark segal here to talk about this but first msnbc joy r eed saying "now is the worst time to be human because of president trump."
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coming up, we have a story and she must have gotten all sorts of like black death and natzis and doug weed next, don't go away.
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>> liz: msnbc joy reed says president donald trump has made life on earth more intolerable than ever before saying "i've said to people this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist and the worst time to be a human. "fox news show the five greg gut feld took exception with the comment. take a listen to greg's response this is probably the worst time to be a human? where did she go to school? i kind of remember reading about the dark ages, the black death, natzi concentration camps, the astrocytes of the aztecs, famine in the ukraine, the western front during world war one, japanese prison camps in
5:28 pm
world war ii, the soviet union, remember siberia? you get the picture. does joy? as she forgets and insults hundreds of millions who died in the worst times ever but histeria pays the bills. >> liz: and look at this, life improving all over america, meeting household income reaching almost $60,000 last year is the highest ever breaking through the 1999 peak. in the same time span less people living in poverty than the year before. listen we all want to get rid of poverty but looks like economic growth may be working here. more people rising out of the middle class making six figures and the market has gone up $4.3 trillion in value since trump won. the s & p itself soared $ 2 trillion since the president won and the unemployment rate near lows at just 4.4%. that all in rate including part timers and people who want full time jobs still sticking at 10% we don't like that trying to get jobs here. joining me now historian doug we
5:29 pm
ed. good to see you. the economic number is pretty good absent the whopping 20 trillion in debt so why the negativity? >> you've got to love greg gut field. i thought that was great. hi, liz. yeah i say it's morning in america. that was ronald reagan's re- election theme and it's only been a few months into donald trump but the middle class have been screwed over for the last three presidencies and they're finally showing some life 3.8% rise in median income and you mentioned what's happening for the poor. the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years imagine that a million new jobs and the elderly, you know we don't talk about senior citizens. i'm a senior citizen and we've had a rough time. our 401 (k) dropped like a rock, the government, the 1% you could call them have taken the value of our homes, have stripped us from the value of our homes, and now, under trump, with that
5:30 pm
$2 trillion you mentioned in the s & p, we've seen more growth in our 401 (k) in just a few months than eight years under barack obama. that's something that senior citizens have never had, so hey, it's morning in america. >> liz: i hear you, doug. as far as i'm concerned. >> liz: the president the 1 million jobs some are arguing that equates to what obama was doing under his term, a million new jobs a year but he's doing this with just regulatory roll back, his agenda hasn't been enacted but let's get to the news coverage, doug i like your thoughts on this. it looks like 91% of the trump news coverage over the summer negative. look at that study there, the results. is this why people think this is the worst time for humans because of all of the negative coverage out there? >> yeah, i think you're right on the money. and it is pretty crazy. i mean, half the population of europe was wiped out in the great plague and i would like to buy joy reed a copy of martin
5:31 pm
gilbert's book the holocaust and read 10 pages and tell me this is the worst time for a human being. i think it's an insult to the memory of those who have suffered and ann applebaum's fabulous book, under joseph stal in or gutfield mentioned show her geoffrey's movie the killing fields. i was there on the border with cambodia and saw 10,000 and thousands of thousands of black skeletons with flies all over them, starving people that had come to the border trying to get water and food and freedom. it's morning in america. this is a great time to be alive and free enterprise is coming back and you're right. a lot of the tax bill hadn't been passed. a lot of this is built on hope, just as the numbers of illegal immigration have dropped, a lot of the new businesses have come because of trump's bully pulpit
5:32 pm
in the hope they have. >> liz: doug we always knew you were a happy guy. we didn't know how optimistic you are. doug weed, historian we love have youing on. >> thanks, liz. >> liz: now we have a big deal. look at this on wall street happening toshiba the japanese nuclear electronics company has agreed to talk about selling its computer chip business to a group led by one of the world's biggest investment firms. now the deal may be completed by the end of the month, that's the outlook there. it's widely expected to value that business, that chip business more than $20 billion, a lot of money there. coming up, look at this story, you won't want to miss this one, we've got a small business owner , he tipped off the cops after a guy who was running from the law a fugitive from justice came in for a job interview. now the small business owner is here to tell his heroic tale. and now this, the number grows, eight nursing home residents died in hollywood, florida outside fort lauderdale after a prolonged power outage in 90
5:33 pm
plus degree heat. now a criminal investigation reportedly opened up. we've got dr. mark segal here to talk about that and dangerous still out there in the wake of irma and harvey, coming up. >> the building has been sealed off and we're conducting a criminal investigation inside. h? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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5:37 pm
we believe at this time it may be related to the loss of power in the storm but we're conducting a criminal investigation not ruling anything out at this time, and as a precautionary measure we've assigned police officers to go check all of the other 42 assisted living facilities and nursing homes throughout the city. >> liz: that's eight people dead at a nursing home outside fort lauderdale. we'll get to that story in a second. i want to bring you an update on the devastation and the death toll from hurricane irma, it's now climbing 56 total dead, 16 dead in florida, two in georgia, four in south carolina, about 38 in the caribbean. let's get to the story eight nursing home residents died in hollywood, florida outside fort lauderdale. now, according to city officials temperatures were blistering hot there, high into the 90s. local residents were without power without air conditioning and let's get to doc segal on what happened.
5:38 pm
what went on here? >> it's not just one place 150 out of 700 facilities in south florida are labbing power, one out of five people in south florida over the age of 65 this is a perfect storm. in this case what's really disgraceful here is this went on for hours where people in the nursing home, many of them have chronic conditions, the heat is soaring, they're getting fevers, dehydrated and if they have chronic health conditions their lives are automatically at stake they can't breathe properly getting heat strokes by the time they got to the hospital and now the hospital across the street yet, it's across the street memorial hospital, they got over 100 people there and they immediately gave them fluids and they saved many lives. the people who died were just stuck there being a victimized by the heat. >> liz: it's such a tough story and then the windows were closed i mean it sounds like we don't know what happened but we're going to stay on the story for the viewers. >> i want to say one more thing. i want to say it's true in this case. too often nursing home residents are warehoused and not treated
5:39 pm
properly to begin with and you superimpose this. disgraceful. >> liz: it brings it out, right so again the allegations possible criminal probe here. we're going to stay on that story now let's get to houston. tests revealing extremely toxic flood water in houston after hurricane harvey. you know, doc, we talked about this doctor before. what kind of health hazards are you hearing in the floodwaters in houston? >> liz fox has done a really good job covering this so our viewers are familiar with what i'm about to say. bacteria number one. some of the test waters around houston 135 times the amount of e-coli that they are used to finding when they test it. >> liz: what is that? >> in other words if you tested water on the ground and the sewer on the street you'll find some bacteria. this is 135 times more than you are expecting so do you know what that means? you are walking down the street, you touch your shoe, you touch your skin, you end up with a skin infection. you touch your mouth, you end up getting diarrhea so you see they're seeing in the emergency
5:40 pm
rooms around houston twice as many skin infections as they are used to seeing. on top of that they're finding asker en ic and led in the water s because it touched all of the chemicals in the area, chemical plants these waters have been everywhere around houston and they got very very contaminated. >> liz: what's the fallout from arsenic and led? >> long term increased cancer risk increased diseases. >> liz: what would you tell people in houston to do some some people say boiling the water? what can you do? >> if you have electricity. what you can do is if you're cleaning up around your house you have to wear boots, gloves all the time and if you have in logical diseases where you have autoimmune diseases stay out entirely do not return to a home which has been contaminate contaminated by floodwaters because it risks a life threat inning infection. this is serious stuff. >> liz: doc segal, you've been so terrific helping people and doing such a great service for the viewer we love having you on thank you.
5:41 pm
>> thank you. >> liz: coming up we have a small business owner tipping off the cops after a guy on the run from the law came in for a job interview. we've got that small business owner, he is here to tell his heroic tale. but first celebrities getting political at a fundraiser for hurricane victims saying people need to believe in climate change. we have a former nasa scientist whose a climatologist as well, he's roy spencer look whose here he's here to talk science after this. (baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) you know win control? be
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5:45 pm
university. the stevie wonder was not the only celebrity last night to take on climate change. let's take a listen to beyonce k nowles. >> just when you think it wouldn't possibly get worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change lives. the effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. >> liz: now look whose here, roy spencer he is a former nasa scientist and climatologist good to see you, roy. >> hi, liz good to talk to you. >> liz: roy, you know, the celebrities have a right to their opinion and free speech right we get that but what are the facts that you'll see here what would you say to hollywood? >> well first of all, any time i hear someone like beyonce lecture me about global warming, i feel like maybe we should dress up charles crowthammer in a nice sheer dress and say this is how you do it. >> liz: but what are the facts about chime at change and
5:46 pm
hurricane? >> like you said these were not the strongest storms on record. for instance for florida if you look at all of the major hurricanes that have made landfall in florida since 1900, there have been if anything, a downward trend, both in number and in intensity, so why is this such a big deal now? well, in 1900, most people don't know this. in 1896, just before 1900, miami was first incorporated as a town and, you know, wait for it how many people lived there? 300. okay? nobody lived virtually no one lived in florida about 120 years ago, so the reason why we're getting so much damage now is because everything along the coastline has been built on its infrastructure. there is more and more stuff to break. >> liz: have hurricanes increased in intensity and in
5:47 pm
number? >> no, no they haven't. doesn't matter whether you're talking about u.s. strikes or globally, because we have statistics. now globally the statistics only go back to the early 1970s because it's kind of hard to monitor hurricanes in remote areas, even with satellites and that's when our satellite technology came along which is kind of approximate, so we don't have a good idea really of what happened globally before about 1970, but for the u.s. , you know which has longer records, no. there is i mean i could show you a chart here which probably doesn't show up that well on skype but it basically shows that for florida, land falling hurricanes over the years if anything, the major hurricanes are getting if anything weaker and fewer, so you know, this is something. it's an urban legend and it's spread by people like al gore, n
5:48 pm
eil tyson, all of these celebrities, you know it's a made up religion that they're spreading but the science doesn't support it. >> liz: actress jennifer lawrence going after president trump. let's take a listen. >> it was really startling. you're watching these hurricanes now and it's really hard especially while promoting this movie not to feel mother nature 's rage. i've heard things and seen things on tv in my own country that defer as tate me and make me sick. >> liz: people push haded back on you and say you're totally wrong. hurricanes have increased in intensity and in number but you're saying the technology has not been there to measure them going back a century but we have evidence of very powerful cat 5 hurricanes earlier last century and even before the industrial revolution? >> that's right. there's a steady that was done of lakes along the coast in florida in the florida panhandle
5:49 pm
that go back 2000 years where they can see when catastrophic hurricanes came ashore and wash ed what res so far inland that they put sand deposits in bottom of these lakes and what they discovered is that the big period for major catastrophic hurricanes was about one to 2000 years ago. not the most recent thousand years, so this is stuff that happens naturally. there are huge variations in when it happens. some years, we just went almost 12 years without a major hurricane strike, so it vair its naturally and to bring humans into this, i think is miss guided because even the united nations has said that it's unknown whether the little bit of warming that we're seeing globally is going to cause hurricanes to change much, if at all. >> liz: well thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it. just a point of housekeeping, the president will be traveling to naples, florida with the first lady to survey the damage from hurricane irma. thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it, sir.
5:50 pm
>> you're welcome, liz. >> liz: in the middle of a multi -town police chase a suspect ditched his car in a parking lot and then he went into a nearby business to apply for a job. he was on the run from the law. we've got the small business owner, he helped tip off the police and make the arrest. he helped basically tip them off the cops came in and got the guy he's jeffrey mary, and will tell us the story next don't go away. ♪
5:51 pm
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>> liz: look at this story. a multi-town police chase, a fugitive suspect ditching his car in a parking lot. then he went into a nearby business to apply for a job. little did he know the small business would help tip off the police while they mock interview ed him. my next guest is a small
5:54 pm
business owner who helped bring the criminal to justice small business owner jeffrey marin, he joins me now, sir. good to see you jeffrey. >> hello, liz. thanks for having me on today. >> liz: you're a boston small business owner jeffrey. can you tell us what happened? >> around 11:30 yesterday morning, a gentleman walked into our office, came in through the back initially and saw one of my service people, brian carpenter, whose our service manager and said are you people hiring? so he said we sure are why don't you go around the front and see jeff and he will be able to talk to you, so the fellow walked around the front of the building , walked in, saw my wife at the front desk. she's our cfo, and said, um, are you hiring here today? and she said just a minute i'll get jeff for you and she reached for me and i said sure, bev, get
5:55 pm
me an application and let's go inside. i introduced myself to this fellow, he introduced himself to me. he was very nicely dressed clean shave en, seemed to have lots of energy, but not fidgeting in any way or not sweaty hands when i shook his hand and we went into my office and started to have a conversation. >> liz: jeffrey he's apparently wanted for assaulting a police officer. what tipped you off he might be a bad guy? >> well there was a lot of police activity in our area which we don't usually have. there were sirens going off all over the place there were several helicopters we could hear in the air. we saw police dogs walking by the window and when that happened he got up from the chair and he looked outside to see what was going on and i said don't worry about what's going on out there just come on back and sit down and we'll chat, and
5:56 pm
he said well, i just want to see what's going on out there and i said well, just come on and sit down. with that, my service manager who had sent him over to me originally came over to my door and said why don't you come outside here with me for a minute, to me. >> liz: wow what a story. jeffrey, you caught a bad guy. i know you probably didn't expect that you or your wife jeffrey but you kept others safe and we really appreciate you coming on telling the story thanks jeffrey marin, small business owner boston caught a bad guy thanks jeffrey. >> thank you. >> liz: breaking news a u.s. judge just ordered the former poster boy of high drug prices martin shkreli ordered him to be jailed while he awaits sentencing for security. he put up a facebook post, he said he would offer $5,000 each to each person whoever got a strand of hillary clinton's hair that basically triggered a secret service investigation and now he's going back to prison
5:57 pm
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charles: i'm charles payne. in washington in just about an hour, president trump will host democratic leader chuck schumer and congresswoman nancy pelosi to discuss in part texas reform. this is another example of president trump reaching across the aisle to move his agenda. first to president trump's tax plan. before he breaks bread tonight, some news has broken out. >> the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan. we are look for the middle class


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